For food services and small distribution

BringTheFood for catering and small distribution makes immediate the donation of surplus food of company and school canteens, bakeries, rotisseries and catering, allowing the recovery and redistribution within 24 hours of fresh and cooked products.

BringTheFood allows menus to be loaded and thus makes available precise information on the surpluses generated. Statistics by distribution point, time of year, donated surpluses allow you to measure and reduce your surpluses. It is also possible to enable services for users, such as menus by e-mail, liking dishes, booking dishes.

BringTheFood also generates tax documentation to take advantage of tax benefits.

Risto 3, for example, uses BringTheFood to report the surpluses generated by school canteens to the Trentino-Alto Adige Food Bank, greatly simplifying the collection and redistribution process, the production of tax documentation and the maintenance of data and statistics on the surpluses generated.

For the Large-scale distribution

BringTheFood for Large Organized Distribution allows to import, through Excel files, the details of the donations made and simplify the production of documents valid for tax purposes for the receiving institutions.

BringTheFood can also be used to plan and split donations of large quantities of products across multiple institutions.

For Producer Organizations

BringTheFood for Producer Organizations allows to donate to solidarity networks with ease, simplifying the sorting of large donations and generating all the documentation necessary to access tax benefits.

ACLI Padova has been organizing the collection from Producer Organizations for the “Rete Solida” project since 2014. Thanks to BringTheFood it has significantly reduced the time needed to organize the sorting of donations, allowing the “just in time” distribution of loads of tens of tons.

For Collection Networks

BringTheFood simplifies the operations of surplus collection, keeping track of the entire life cycle of donations (from donor to user), simplifying the organization of the collection round and generating tax documentation.

The Ricibo network of Genoa, for example, uses BringTheFood to produce, with a click, all the tax documentation that allows its donors to benefit from discounts on the waste tax.