Trentino Alto Adige

Banco Alimentare del Trentino Alto Adige - Onlus

First partner of BringTheFood for food service. Active since 2016 in the province of Trento and since 2020 in the province of Bolzano, it recovers with BringTheFood in the food service and small distribution sectors. Since 2019 it uses BringTheFood for the reservation of dishes prepared by assisted families.


Rete Solida

The "Rete Solida" project of the ACLI has been active in Padua since 2014 in the sector of producer organizations. In 2020 it activated the recovery in the school canteen sector, with collection at temperature.

Provicia di Genova

Rete RiCibo

It uses BringTheFood in the province of Genoa to collect from all sectors of the agri-food chain, primary, wholesalers, food services and distribution. Active since 2018, in Genoa BringTheFood also generates the documentation to take advantage of the discounts on waste tax.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Associazione Banco Alimentare del Friuli Venezia Giulia Onlus

Use BringTheFood since 2019 for document management and surplus recovery from large retailers.


Banco Alimentare della Lombardia

The progressive experimentation of BringTheFood began in 2020 throughout the region, in the catering and small distribution sectors.

Comune di Fidenza

Comune di Fidenza

He started using BringTheFood during the COVID-19 emergency, to schedule the distribution of ready meals to hospital staff and volunteers involved in managing the epidemic, supporting the initiative of several restaurateurs in the area.


Associazione Foodbusters ODV

In 2021 began experimenting with Associazione Betania ONLUS of Ascoli Piceno for document management and surplus recovery.

Comune di Marino

Marino Non Spreca

Project promoted by the Municipality of Marino, financed by the Metropolitan City of Rome with funds from the Lazio Region, which includes a series of initiatives in support of the 'Reduction of food waste'

Provincia di Bari

Avanzi Popolo

Project in the start-up phase, in collaboration with Caps a.r.l.